The cornerstone of my collecting is rooted in sports cards and music memorabilia and while that is by far neither unique nor extraordinary in many respects it is notably miscellaneous

I love collecting and I collect all kinds of things. It all began with baseball and hockey cards which my father would bring home for my brother and I almost daily. What once started with just a few packs of Topp’s sports trading cards for each of us eventually evolved into full boxes of individual packs which later in life turned into purchasing full sets. As I got older and started my own family I began to focus more on individual players and obtaining cards and memorabilia from their careers, hence my Bobby Orr collection.

While it would take me years to photograph, display, and explain everything that I have in my possession instead I decided to pick some of the more oddball stuff which have now ultimately become some of my favorite items. Collecting as a hobby in general has now evolved into collecting things from all passions of mine. One of my larger collections became music memorabilia, and mainly of the band KISS. When I decided to put a blog site for my passions: art, music, sports, cooking, and writing, I thought it would be fun to make it into a place to share my experiences in all the above.


Baseball Cards
Basketball Cards
Hockey Cards
Bobby Orr Collection
1972-73 Topps Miscellaneous Cards
Guy LaFleur O-Pee-Chee Tribute Set
Miscellaneous Hockey Cards


The Led Zeppelin Collection
The KISS Collection
The Lemmy Kilmister-Motorhead Collection
More Stuff Coming Soon…

Let’s build something together.

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