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“Life is a process of trial and error which I believe holds a rite of passage. While it may take a long time and quite possibly a lifetime for certain people to recognize the error of their ways, it is possible. Even though it can be burdensome it all begins with acceptance. It is my belief that the concept of perseverance is one that is rooted in the compromise that triumph is not always measured by successes and failures alone but more by the level of effort that one puts into something. Success is merely a reward that results from putting in a remarkably boundless effort”
Mike -thenotablymisc1

As an amateur writer and person in general my aim has always been to do something that I really enjoy, which is reading, writing, and creating, while at the same time being able to share my life experiences with others.

Much of my professional experience over the past decade has been in the field of legal support work as a legal assistant, but I am also a licensed public notary and was a court appointed legal guardian for six years as well. As a student in pursuit of higher education I currently hold two lower level Associates degrees in legal studies and criminal justice, and I am now working on my Bachelor of Science degree which will be my third degree in five years since returning to school as an adult in 2014.

“Respectfully, although it has been written that ‘a person is judged by the company he or she keeps’ (Boetcker, 1873-1962) which is true in many instances, it would be fitting to add that what is even far more important today is one’s ability to maintain integrity”

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I like to read and I love to learn even more. My personal library of books and media is extremely broad, and likely the most definitive thing about me as a person is that my passions are of a very sundry nature. I am a big fan of sports and music which as a result compels me to also be an ardent collector of both significant memorabilia as well as insignificant little keepsakes. My taste in music and art tends to be as eclectic and widespread as my interests.

At times I find social media today to be rather perplexing. Mainly because I am told by my children that, as a Gen X’er I should be aware of the fact that the vast majority of people on social media now will probably find me weird, refer to me as a ‘boomer’ and not appreciate my intellect or wit. This created a dilemma for me going forward because I have always raised my children to respect all people regardless of things like age, race, religion, gender or sexual preference. I found it so irritating to have to think that there might just be a whole new generation of younger people that truly knows so little about how and why we are where we are in society today. An actual age group of people that ironically believe virtual worlds are somehow more meaningful than human interaction.

At any rate, I moved on from it. As a genuinely kind and friendly person who is often eager to engage and share, good conversation is rarely avoided so please feel free to reach out to me any time. see my contact page

Looking forward to hearing from you in the future!

Mike -thenotablymisc1

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