Our Knotfest Roadshow 2019 Experience

My passion for music is as extensive as it is devout and my taste in music genre is equally as broad. The way I view music is that there really is no good or bad since like art I rate music by how it moves me. A big part of it for me has to do with the presentation because when I am listening to music I try to envision what the artist is attempting to express, thus the expression in itself can have no real good or bad valuation but rather more of a level of impact since it is genuinely a matter of interpretation.

When I go to see a live show it’s really about whether or not the physical performance is aesthetically pleasing. The Knotfest Roadshow 2019 was the perfect comeback show for me and the Austin 360 Amphitheater, which is now the Germania Insurance Amphitheater, at Circuit of the Americas complex in Austin Texas was a great venue to go see an outdoor show.


Slipknot did not disappoint; they were everything that I had expected them to be and since I had already known much of the new albumโ€™s material, the set list was very familiar. The latest album We Are Not Your Kind track for track is likely what one might expect from Slipknot. In your face guitar riffs, vocals shifting from melodic voicing to out and out aggression, and pounding rhythms from Alessandro Ventruella on bass and the insane percussion section. Bottom line is that like many other Slipknot albums they leave little if anything on the table for debate. They played all the fan favorites one might expect them to i.e.; Sic, Wait and Bleed, Psychosocial, Duality, Spit it Out, Vermillion, and from the newest album both Unsainted and Solway Firth were epic. The stage show was truly a spectacle to see and from my viewpoint it was a 5 star performance. Here is Slipknot’s setlist.fm from that day.


Gojira was the band that beyond Slipknot I most wanted to see heading into this show. Before going to the Knotfest Roadshow 2019 show I had really done some homework on these guys because I had read that some industry journals were referring to them as the metal band of the decade and that was intriguing. I knew of them but had not really delved into their music till we purchased the tickets. Their performance from the Pol’and’ Rock Festival which I attached the link here to truly gained my attention. Mainly because the musicianship within this group is phenomenal. Thinking back to their set in Austin I wished they had played “Only Pain” but I was thrilled to see them perform two of my other faves in “Stranded” and “Flying Whales” and they were spot on. I would see them again in a heartbeat for sure, here is Gojira’s setlist.fm from that day.


Of the four performances on the bill that day Behemoth was the biggest surprise for me because having not been to a live festival type show in some twenty-three years, I was shocked that for an opening act they had such a big sound and they made quite the impact on both me and my son. From the opening number “Wolves Ov Siberia” off the I Loved You At Your Darkest album I thought they had an incredibly in-your-face sound. I can imagine how much more impacting both their set and their sound might have been if we were seeing them indoors or even later in the show after nightfall. They are an extreme metal band, thus lights, makeup, costumes, and stage appearance would have been truly amazing after dark. I would definitely see them again as well. Here is Behemoth’s setlist.fm from that show.

Pictures of Volbeat by Tyler J. Hicks

Normally I would have put these short reviews in order of their appearance on the bill, but then again sometimes its fun to save the best for last. In this case it is neither of the two. Plain and simple I didn’t enjoy Volbeat. Even though I thought they were terrible, by far that does not mean that it was not a good performance because for those that do like them it was probably epic. I will give them this, a lot of people at the show that day seemed to be into them and they appeared to know the material. I saw people around us singing along during their set which honestly left me scratching my head as a lifelong fan of the metal genre. Guitarist Rob Caggiano is from our neck of the woods in New York, and when we lived there we were roughly ten minutes from his studio in upstate NY. I have been a long time fan of his playing thus I’m still perplexed as to the musical connection here. Nonetheless here is Volbeat’s setlist.fm that day.

It was typically hot day in Texas and it was funny that Nergal of Behemoth made mention of that. My son has some great clips of the show on his You Tube channel at Arch Knight. You can find me tweeting about sports on Twitter at Puck2theHead @thenotablymisc1 or checkout my music playlists on You Tube at my channel: TheRemarkablyMiscellaneous

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