Bye Bye 2019, Welcome 2020

Happy New Year everyone. Not sure about anyone else, but I am personally glad to see the new year arrive and if yesterday and today are any sort of foreshadowing to what is ahead, I am excited.

For me last year was what I would term the equivalent of my beloved New York Rangers’ ongoing rebuild, it was up and down, up, and down, and filled with highs and lows. Although last year got off to a rough start when only five days in to the New Year my oldest son and I had a falling out that literally lasted till just about three and a half hours ago when we finally exchanged text messages for the first time in nearly a year, I can’t tell you how that has instantly made the start of 2020 way better than 2019 for me.

We have a rather unusual family dynamic in that all of my children are now over twenty years old, all of them either go to school or have working lives in different states across the U.S., and each of them are so very unique in their own way, and I love them so much for that because it epitomizes who I am times a thousand percent.

My oldest is going to be twenty-seven this year and my youngest will be twenty-one, I have daughters at the top and bottom with two boys in the middle. The boys will be twenty-four and twenty-one this year, and they are my fire as they are both Aries born counter to me being a Pisces. Uniquely all of my kids are born in March with the exception of my youngest daughter who is my earthy Taurus, and characteristically fitting since in her own way she has a very particular way of asserting her beliefs when she wants to. Geographically our lives are so far apart with one in Tennessee, one in New York, one in Florida, and one with me here in Texas. Even though that can be problematic at times we do the best we can under the circumstances.

Since I fervently refuse to regress into the lows of 2019, some of the highlights of 2019 include my youngest daughter making a successful transition from community college to the university life as she is now entering her second full semester at a very reputable college in NY. Her counterpart, my youngest son, graduated with his associate in applied science degree back in May and is now ready to begin his third semester in pursuit of his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice here in Texas. My oldest two are true worker bees as my daughter in Tennessee tells me that she is sometimes working upwards of fifty hours a week at her job where she is content to work among her favorite people, pets. While my second oldest, my son in Florida, is now running his own business and as I have recently learned, he is doing exceptionally well.

It is not easy being a single parent, and even harder being a single parent from a distance but I am so very proud of each of them as they have each done it all on their own terms, and with little if any help from me at all outside of the moral support they might ask for from time to time.

Author: Mike

Writer/Creator, Sports Fan, Guitar Player, and Collector of things Sports and Music.

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