Poem: This Place Inside

A short poem from my collection of creative writing works.

There’s a place inside a mind that
if one could see one would find,
this place in a heart that

sometimes brands a yearning to depart
There’s a voice in a head that

if one could hear the things it has said,
about this place inside a soul

that yearns to achieve its goal
It’s a place inside where demons hide,

and when one nears the end
they infallibly collide.


All written works are the sole property of the author(s) of this website and may be subject to copyright laws 2019. Photo taken by Mike Kruzynski May 2012 Howe Caverns, NY. Editing and overlay design by Tyler J. Hicks.

Author: Mike

Writer/Creator, Sports Fan, Guitar Player, and Collector of things Sports and Music.

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